Our Why

Our family has worked with flowers for more than four decades. We’ve found a new way to share our love of flowers with others, a way to give people the experience of constantly enjoying a life surrounded by flowers. We’re excited about it, and hope you will be too.

We believe flowers make every moment special. They can brighten up rooms and bring smiles to people’s faces: young and old, kids and adults, women and men alike.

We believe flowers bring joy to everyday lives, so we are committed to bringing beautiful flowers to your home. Too many people think flowers should be only for special occasions. We want to help you make flowers a part of your everyday life.


What We Do Differently

Quality and Freshness

Our sourcing, from the top flower growers in Colombia, brings the stems to your door fewer days after cutting. Compared to the 8-14 days of an average supermarket or florist bouquet, this gives you a week or more of extra life in your flowers at home to enjoy.

Floral Design

At Enjoy Flowers, our floral designs are crafted by expert designers giving you custom-made arrangements every month.

Peace of Mind

Flowers are one of those luxuries that people do without too often because they don’t make them part of their regular routine. We deliver direct to your door with a “set it and forget” model that lets you indulge yourself constantly. Enjoy Flowers brings them to you fresher, better, and more reliably every month.


Responsible from the First Step

In growing our business from its humble beginnings, we have chosen to work closely with local farms that share our same values and commitment with their employees and their environment. Our partner farms look after their over 1,500 employees with above average wages and benefits. They sponsor a housing fund which has helped over 4,500 families improve or buy their own homes over the past 40 years. They take pride in meeting high standards for environmental protection and responsibility: they collect up to 96% of rainwater to apply toward irrigation, they recycle over 24,000 tons of vegetable waste to produce over 10,000 tons of compost each year. Farms in our network must attain a Rainforest Alliance ® certification, and consistently work to develop new, sustainable procedures that minimize their impact on the earth.