How To Enjoy Flowers

Select Collection

Choose from our Signature or Farm Fresh collections and let our Head Florist do the rest. He’ll choose beautiful blooms for you based on their artistic experience. You can expect the freshest varieties of the market, the best flower colors mix and unique designs with our Designer’s Choice.

Signature Collection:
Elegant bouquets filled with premium varieties, carefully selected by our floral experts. Varieties include roses, hydrangeas, lilies, callas, CHARMELIA® and premium alstros.

Farm Fresh Collection:
Spectacular bouquets of fresh, seasonal flowers.

Select Type

Select the type of bouquet that’s best for you.

Farm Fresh Collection:

  • Vase-Ready Bouquets: spectacular bouquets of fresh, mixed, seasonal flowers. Place them all directly in a vase, or use them to make smaller arrangements.
  • DIY Loose Stems: Feeling creative? You’ll receive a bundle of loose stems, that you can use to make your own arrangements wherever your whimsy takes you.

Signature Collection:

  • Mixed Bouquets: bouquets featuring premium blooms combined by our floral experts
  • Single Variety: stunning bouquets of a single variety of flowers

Select Size

Our flowers are available in three sizes.

15 to 25 stems, enough for one gorgeous arrangement or several smaller flowers

35 to 45 stems that can build a pair of beautiful arrangements or an ambitious project to centerpiece a room or event

A delivery of more than 50 stems. More than enough for a single spectacular arrangement, a home full of smaller displays, or regular decoration for a small office.

Select Delivery Frequency

We offer two delivery options for different uses of your flowers.

Twice a Month:
You’ll receive your flowers every other week. This works best for people who want a consistent stream of flowers in their home, to replace each arrangement when it begins to fade.

Enjoy a once-a-month delivery of fresh flowers, a perfect solution for people who want to begin having flowers in their lives.

Select Payment Plan

Our prepayment options allow for maximum flexibility. You can save more by paying for more in advance. Or you can keep things flexible at our normal rates.

Payment options for Twice a month packages include:

Every 2 Weeks:
Your subscription renews automatically after each shipment.

Every 4 Weeks:
Prepay for 1 month and get 2 shipments. You will be rebilled every month.

Every 8 Weeks:
Prepay for 2 months, get 4 shipments and a 5% discount. You will be rebilled every 2 months.

Every 16 Weeks:
Prepay for 4 months, get 8 shipments and a 7.5% discount. You will be rebilled every 4 months.

Payment options for Monthly packages include:

Your subscription renews automatically every month.

Every 3 Months:
Prepay for 3 months and get a 5% discount. You will be rebilled every 3 months.

Every 6 Months:
Prepay for 6 months and get a 7.5% discount. You will be rebilled every 6 months.

Every 12 Months:
Prepay for 12 months and get a 15% discount. You will be rebilled every 12 months.

Once you´ve made your choice, you’re ready to enjoy the fresh flowers that’ll brighten your home, office, or whichever space you want to use them in.