How it Works

Provide your wedding information in a quick & easy online form!

Chat with our wedding experts to receive guidance and customized help.

Choose your color collection! Plus, select a package based on your wedding size.

Place your order (at least 40 days before your wedding date).

Use your tracking information to watch as your flowers are on their way!

Receive your flowers 3-4 days before your wedding.

Take the beautiful blooms to your venue and enjoy your big day!

Shipping Details

The week before your flowers ship out, we’ll be in touch to finalize any necessary details. Then, your beautiful blooms will be hand-cut, lovingly packed and shipped via UPS directly from our farms in Colombia. If your wedding is Friday, Saturday or Sunday - you’ll receive your flowers the Wednesday before. Otherwise, we’ll arrange to send your flowers 3-4 days in advance. You will receive an email containing tracking information (usually 2 days before arrival) and an approximate delivery time.

Next Steps

Bring your flowers inside and unpack them as soon as possible, this will guarantee their long-lasting freshness.
Pull on the white lace ribbon to remove the flowers from the box.
Your flowers may arrive a bit thirsty due to their long journey, they just need a little H2O. They may take 2-3 days to fully open.
It’s natural that some of the outer petals might be bruised due to transport. Simply remove these to reveal the fresh petals beneath. (This is very common, especially with roses)
At this point, if you see any problems, call us quickly so we can evaluate and remedy the issue.
Before unpacking the flowers, make sure to have enough containers to hold them all. It will also be helpful to have pruning shears on hand.
Fill your containers with 2-3” of fresh water and add the included flower food. Make sure the water level is low enough to add the bouquets without getting the ribbon wet.
Remove flowers from their package, one bunch at a time, and place them directly into a container. Handle them as little as possible.
The easiest way to prepare each bunch of flowers is to use scissors to cut the tie downs and rubber bands before pulling the bunch out.
Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight, wind or extreme temperatures. 60-70° is ideal for keeping your flowers fresh.
If you choose, leave the tags on so you can differentiate each bunch of flowers.
Last, but not least, enjoy your dream wedding filled with flowers!