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Planning a wedding in Harrisburg Pennsylvania is tough - Buying flowers doesn’t have to be!

You deserve a perfect Pennsylvania wedding and we’re here to make your flower experience convenient and affordable. Shop online with ease using our “mix and match” method to create a custom bridal flowers package. Fill your wedding with Pinterest-worthy blooms by combining pre-arranged items (such as your bridal bouquet) and DIY options (such as garland).

Exclusive Wedding Flower Collections

All wedding arrangements are available in each of these color collections. Simply choose the palette that fits your wedding day style!


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About our wedding flowers

  • Tara
    The service I had with EnjoyFlowers is impeccable. They were extremely attentive and did everything in their power to make sure my flowers were exactly how I wanted. I would recommend you have a friend/family help unload the flowers when they arrive as they are fashioned to arrive in perfect condition so they are tightly bound. I only ran into an issue with one of my grandmother corsages. I let Ana know and given it was late on a Friday, she gave me a refund on it (wedding Sunday). Fortunately, they provided a extra flowers so we were able to adjust and it turned out perfect! I highly recommend for future weddings!

  • Amanda
    I can't say how happy I am with my experience so far! The customer service and working with Ana has been so great, she is friendly, informative and super easy to work with! She has answered every question I've had, even sometimes before I ever asked it! The prices are great and the flowers, from the pictures at least, look amazing!

  • Rachel
    Enjoy has been a joy to work with! Not only did they give me a deep discount, they sent a sample bridesmaid bouquet to help me feel confident in ordering flowers online. Their customer service team is highly responsive, knowledgeable (I even asked the best size vase for the centerpieces and they were able to help), and so sweet. PLUS, the flowers were gorgeous and lasted more than a week before even showing signs of wilting! I could not recommend them more. I can't wait for my wedding!
    PH Credits: Root and Arrow Photography

    I ordered flowers for my wedding in May and so far they sent me a beautiful sample bouquet to enjoy! They have really worked with me in making the flowers just want I wanted. They have been very responsive to all my needs and questions. I highly recommend using them for any wedding/events you have. The flowers are beautifully put together and at a great price, as well as having a very friendly and attentive costumer service!

    We loved our flowers. They made sure that we had everything we needed. I had miscounted our boutonnieres and they caught the mismatch between bouquets and boutonnieres. They made sure to call us before the flowers were shipped, they made sure that we received all of our order and they followed up with me after my wedding to make sure that the flowers were amazing. We got so many compliments on the flowers. They were convenient, beautiful and I'm glad they were our flower vendor. Loved them. I would recommend them to any bride getting married.

    Honestly, I was nervous ordering my flowers online and getting them several days before. But Caroline was amazing at keeping in touch with me and personalizing my order as well as calling to make sure I was happy and knew how to take care of them. The garden roses were gorgeous and the flowers were beautiful and perfect in every way. As well as incredibly affordable. Cudos to Enjoy Flowers. If I ever have a other event I will definitely be going through them.

  • Andrea
    Enjoy Flowers provided great communication about the flowers, delivery and care and did this via email and phone. She answered my plethora of questions within a day! I chose the “purity” flower package, to match with my blush wedding gown and mix of earth tone bridesmaid dresses. I look forward to posting my own wedding pictures while holding these flowers grown for me!

    Enjoy Flowers has been extremely responsive, helpful and flexible. I received my bouquet sample and was thrilled with the quality. They have been so flexible when changing/adding to my order, giving me lots of options and have been a fantastic vendor to work with. The value is really great. To find the same price anywhere else I would have to purchase the flowers in bulk and create my own bouquets. HIGHLY recommend!

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